10 essential tips for traveling to Austria


With this list of tips for traveling to Austria We hope to help you plan and organize your trip to one of the most complete and incredible countries in the world, where you can enjoy, as never before, natural and urban landscapes, charming villages and outdoor activities that we are sure, will pass to Be part of your list of unforgettable trips.

Based on our trip to Austria by rental car, visiting most of its most tourist places, we leave you a selection of those we believe, are the 10 essential tips for traveling to Austria. We start!

1. What is the best time?

Although as it happens in other countries we could say that any time is good to make a trip to Austria, taking into account especially the weather, we can divide the year into three distinct stages.

  • High season (from June to August): these summer months are those that are included in the high season in the country, being the most tourist places, especially the areas of lakes, more crowded. Also prices in most of the country soar.
  • Mid season (April and May / September and October): spring and autumn bring to Austria mild weather and fewer tourists visiting its most famous places. In spite of this it is necessary to bear in mind that the snow usually begins to disappear in some mountain areas as of June.
  • Low season (from November to March): these are the coldest and rainiest months of the year and also the most discouraged to visit the country, except for some areas if you want to practice winter sports or enjoy some of the best Christmas markets .

2. Entry requirements

If you are a Spanish or European Union (EU) citizen, you only need the ID or Passport to enter Austria. In case your country of origin is another, one of the tips for traveling to Austria is that you check the website of the Austrian Embassy or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to see the entry requirements.

In addition, and although this is not an indispensable requirement, when traveling through Europe we recommend you bring the European Health Card, which will allow you to have medical assistance if necessary.
In addition to this, if you want to have the best coverage and above all, that extras are included as a repatriation, it is highly recommended to travel with the best travel insurance for Europe. In addition to this, if you are going to practice risk sports in Austria, it is important to have optional adventure sports coverage, which you can easily include.

We always travel insured with Mondo, with whom we carry a totally adequate insurance to the needs that we will have on the trip. Hiring your insurance here with Mondo, just for being a Street Travelers reader, you have a 5% discount.

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10. More tips for traveling to Austria

Other of the best tips for a trip to Austria are:

  • Although the trip is in the middle of summer, it is advisable to bring some warm clothes since in depending on the areas, especially at night and in the morning, temperatures tend to fall.
  • Use the N26 card to pay and the BNEXT card to get money, they will not charge you commission and you will always have the current change. You can find many more details about these cards in the post of the best cards to travel without commissions.
  • The schedules in Austria are quite strict. Keep it in mind especially in terms of restaurants to avoid running out of lunch or dinner.
  • The roads in Austria are usually in perfect condition, even the mountain ones. Despite this, it must be taken into account that there are speed limits and that these, depending on the circumstances, may change even in the same sections.
  • In Austria the voltage is 230V, the frequency 50 Hz and the plugs are of type F.

If you feel like helping us complete the list of the 10 essential tips for traveling to Austria, add yours in the comments.