Natural History Museum in New York - Street Travelers - Travels - 2020

Natural History Museum in New York

Day 2: New York: Hearst Tower, Columbus Circle, Central Park, Museum of Natural History in New York, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Rockefeller Center

Today the day was initially rainy but we have consulted on the internet and we have seen that it seems that in the end, despite the forecast of a gray day, it will rain so we start when it is just over 5:30 in the tomorrow, reviewing the planning we have for today, which includes the Natural History Museum in New York in case of rain. Enjoying these first hours of the day, in front of extraordinary views, we began to get rid, little by little of the jetlag and the fatigue that we accumulated yesterday, after watching the NBA game in New York.

And although it seems incredible, as the days go by in New York we will see that this is common, we find a queue of more than thirty people waiting to buy their expected cookies. We consider it a few minutes, assessing whether it is worth it or not to wait, but seeing the opinions and above all knowing that we will not return to the area, we decide that it is worth spending a few minutes to try the best cookies in the world, so we stand in line to wait for our turn.