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The Montparnasse Tower, the best viewpoint in Paris

Day 3: Paris: Montparnasse Tower, the best viewpoint in Paris - Trocadero - Eiffel Tower - Champ de Mars - Le Marais - Place des Vosges - Bastille Square - Jardin des Plantes - Eiffel Tower at night

We arrived there when a few minutes past 10 in the morning, when they open and just leave the subway and look straight ahead, just as we did the other day, which is where the entrance to the catacombs is, we look again incredulous and is that, even without being able to believe it, we see that the queues to access go around the whole enclosure and that only a few minutes past 10:00 in the morning. To make sure we ask again and they tell us that we must wait about 3 and a half hours to access, so it is time to make a last-minute change of plans deciding that we will not be here until noon, so we return to the subway again , as we did yesterday, but this time with this day so clear, we put direction to the Montparnasse Tower, the best viewpoint in Paris, a visit that we did not do the other time we were on the trip to Paris in 12 days and we really want to enjoy, since we have seen some photos and we have to say that the views of the city are impressive. Without a doubt, going up to the Tower is one of the best tips for traveling to Paris that you can get.

We have only three stops until arriving and as soon as we go out we go directly to what is the entrance of the best viewpoint in Paris where we have to make a queue of more or less than 15 minutes, since the groups enter on the other hand but they are giving access in an alternative way to the individuals and the groups. A good option to guarantee the climb, especially on holidays, is to book the ticket here in advance.