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Hotels in Tibet and Shanghai

Hotels in Tibet and Shanghai

Shanghai Fish Inn East Nanjing Road

Very central hotel on the Bund, a few meters from the Nanging Road East stop. See the article «How to go from the airport to Shanghai» how to get to the hotel from the airport.
Although the hotel is quite hidden in a very narrow alley, we had read that it did not give a very good impression. The truth is that it has not seemed to us, even arriving as we arrived at night.
The rooms are not too big, but enough to spend a few days comfortably, since the bed is very comfortable and has everything you need. The bathroom is integrated into the room with a window, but has a blind so that it is not visible from the room itself.
There is a desk and quite a few plugs in the room, in addition to a water heater in which to make coffee or tea.
They have free wifi, included in the price of the room and goes quite fast and without cuts.
Although breakfast is not included in the room, we see that next to the reception there is a fairly spacious lounge, with a cafeteria service where they serve coffee at quite reasonable prices, as well as a variety of cakes and pastries.

There are plenty of restaurants and shops right next to the hotel, so you will have no problem to be able to stock up if you want to buy something for breakfast or even for the train ride, if you then make a trip to Tibet like us.