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Visit Villandry Castle

Day 5: Tours - Visit Villandry Castle - Castle d'Azay-le-Rideau

After touring the old town of Tours and reaching the Cathedral of St. Martin, we decided to tour the Boulevard Béranger, one of the arteries of the city, as we said before, where we took the opportunity to make some stops, including one to take a couple of coffees that continue giving us energy to continue with the route and another to buy some bath products, of the brand that we use regularly and that due to the speed with which we leave, as we tell the day of the visit to the Sully-sur Castle- Loire, we hadn't brought.
This is another detail that reconfirms us that it is not necessary, in most cases, to carry too many material things, since in most destinations we can find everything, even the products we use regularly.

A few minutes past 11 in the morning when we are finished our route through Tours returning to the car we left parked very close to the Vendome Hotel, where we have stayed tonight, and where we connect our GPS to go to the next place we will visit on this route that will take us to know another of the castles that we include among the 10 Castles of the Loire essentials.
And so we set off to visit Villandry Castle, 20 kilometers from Tours, where we arrived at almost 12 in the morning, before making a stop to fill the deposit for 84 euros, in Spain it costs us about 65 and is that diesel in France is 1.36 euros, something more expensive, so the difference in filling the deposit is practically 20 euros.
Upon arrival we go directly to the parking of the Castle of Villandry, which is right in front and we go directly to the ticket offices where we pay 6.50 euros per person, to access the Villandry Castle gardens.

Recommendations to visit Villandry Castle

Although the visit to Villandry Castle It is highly recommended, we have to say that we have come here especially to visit the gardens of Villandry Castle, those who say are one of the most beautiful in France and even in the world.

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