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Tour of Switzerland by train with the Swiss Travel Pass

A Switzerland route by train It is one of the best traveling experiences you can have, being able to combine the comfort of this public transport, with the pleasure of seeing through the window, authentic mountain landscapes, many of which are typical of a children's story.
In Switzerland, all this is possible in addition to very easy, thanks to the extensive network of trains that the country has, a worldwide reference, which allows you to reach the main cities and the most inaccessible mountain places, thanks to the great works engineering that have been built over the years. If we add to that excellent quality and extreme punctuality, as you can guess, this transport is the most valued way to get to know the country, both for tourists and for locals.
In addition this transport has the Swiss Travel Pass, a pass that allows you to save on the price of tickets and enjoy discounts on numerous attractions, an extra that we are sure, will be another reason not to resist this means of transport.

In our personal case, all these factors have been decisive in deciding that our second time in the country was going to be a Switzerland route by train, instead of the car we already used on our first trip to Switzerland.

Why buy the Swiss Travel Pass?

The Swiss Travel Pass is the most popular ticket of the Swiss Travel System, the Swiss public transport network, which includes about 29,000 kilometers of railways, bus lines and boats.
This pass allows you to make unlimited trips throughout the railway, bus, boat and all public transport network of 90 cities in Switzerland for 3, 4, 8 or 15 consecutive days and includes free admission to more than 500 museums and attractions. In addition to all these advantages, the Swiss Travel Pass is perfect for family travel, with children up to 16 years free of charge, provided they are accompanied by a parent with the pass. If this is your case, you can pick up the “Swiss Family Card” at any train station, only showing the Swiss Travel Pass.

Another decisive factor to choose this pass is that it includes panoramic trains such as the Glacier Express, 50% discounts on numerous high mountain trains, cable cars, funiculars and a 25% discount on the expensive zipper train that leads to the station Jungfraujoch-Top of Europe, one of our goals for this great trip.
Keep in mind that you can buy the pass both on the official website and at any of the main railway stations in Switzerland such as Zurich or Geneva and you have the option to choose between first or second class tickets. In this case, we recommend the second class to be cheaper, since the journeys between cities are not long and the difference in comfort in the seats is not so important as to compensate for the price.

Geneva, last stop on the route through Switzerland by train

If after all the visits and the gastronomic introduction, you have time, you can approach on foot or by tram to «The Jonction», where the waters of the Arve and Rhone rivers meet where you can enjoy a nice walk along the river, have a picnic in one of its wooden sunbeds or have a drink in one of the beach bars that are in the final part.

To end a route through Geneva you can take a tram that takes you to the headquarters of the United Nations, where the Broken Chair monument is located, which claims the rejection of anti-people mines and cluster bombs.
The International Museum of the Red Cross and Red Crescent also stands out in this area full of government buildings.

This article is written as part of the project Walking with Street Travelers, with MySwitzerland, but always based on our experiences, with original content and without any brand having influenced us in any case.

Thank you so much Sandra for so much and for making it so easy. For every laugh, for every teaching and for every career. Seeing Switzerland through you and your experience has been a great privilege. Thank you very much Ramón for allowing us to be us, with its pros and cons. For always being there, even when we didn't see you. Thank you very much for every smile and every laugh. Thank you very much for reminding us that the signs exist.
Thank you very much to both of you for making this trip an unforgettable trip.