The best free tours in Istanbul for free in Spanish - Travels - 2020

The best free tours in Istanbul for free in Spanish

The best free tours in Istanbul for free in Spanish They are in the last months some of the activities most demanded by travelers who come to this incredible city looking to know it first hand, knowing its history and tourist places.
With the main characteristic of not having a price set in advance, in this case it is the customer who determines its final price after carrying out the activity and valuing it as a whole.
In addition, the free tours in Istanbul They are made by the hand of a specialized guide in Spanish, something that makes them even more attractive, since you will be able to know all the details in your language and not miss any details.

After our passage through the city, during the trip to Turkey, of which we wrote the post on tips for traveling to Turkey, we leave you what are for us, the best free tours in Istanbul for free.

Free tour in Istanbul in Spanish

East free tour of Istanbul It will allow you to know the history of the city and some of the essential places to see in Istanbul from a guide in Spanish.

The tour will begin in the Roman Hippodrome Square, where you will begin to know the history of the city, and then approach the impressive Blue Mosque and the Basilica of Santa Sofia, two of the most representative and visited places in Istanbul, where the Guide will give you all kinds of details about its history.
He free tour of Istanbul Continue next to the Topkapi Palace and the Basilica Cistern, another of the places you cannot miss in the city.
From here the route of this free tour of Istanbul It will take you to the Grand Bazaar, downtown and the best place to buy anything that is for sale.

Views from the Galata Tower, end of the free tour of Istanbul in the Taksim neighborhood in Spanish

What tip to leave on free tours in Istanbul?

The first thing to keep in mind is that free tours in Istanbul They do not have a fixed price and you must be the one who, after the final valuation of the same, pays the guide as a tip the amount you think is appropriate.
Although this is a personal data, we believe that whenever your final assessment is good, the minimum amount you should give to the guide in the form of a tip, is 10 euros per person and in case of traveling with children, keep in mind that these normally do not They pay, although you can always increase the amount you give per adult to compensate.

That said, we do believe that although the tour includes the word free, this should not motivate you to to abuse of the circumstances. If together we do not collaborate so that free tours in Istanbul keep performing, they will end up disappearing.

We will continue to update the post as more are included free tours in Istanbul.