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How to get from Brussels to Bruges (train or bus)

This guide on how to get from Brussels to Bruges It will help you organize this transfer in the most comfortable and quick way, to one of the most beautiful medieval cities in the world.
The first thing you should keep in mind is that although Bruges has an airport, very few commercial flights operate on it, so it is common for travelers who want to visit the city to land at Brussels Zaventem Airport or Charleroi Airport, from where You have several means of transport to get to Bruges in a short time.

Based on the experience of our trip to Bruges and Brussels, in which we made this transfer, we show you the options of transfer from Brussels to Bruges so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. We start!

How to get from Brussels to Bruges by train

The train is the fastest way to get to Bruges from the three main stations in Brussels and from the Zaventem airport.
If you do not stay in Brussels you can take one of the direct trains that leave every hour from Zaventem airport or if you do not want to wait, you can take a train with a stopover at Midi or Sud station, which leaves every 15 minutes, in both cases The price will be around 21 euros.
By train leaves the station located below the terminal and the journey takes about 90 minutes.
You can check all the information and make train reservations here.

If you are staying in the capital of Belgium you can first follow this guide on how to go from the Brussels airport to the center so once you are in the city take a train towards Oostende at any of the three main stations in Brussels: Midi or Sud, Nord and Central.
In this case, trains leave every 20 minutes and they will take you in an hour from Brussels to Bruges for about 15 euros or half the price, if you travel on the weekend.
In addition to traveling on the weekend you can save money on train tickets in Belgium by buying the Go Pass 10, a bonus for 10 train trips for those under 26, which costs 50 euros or the Rail Pass that costs more than 80 euros for those over 26 years. These subscriptions are not personal and can be used by several people.

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