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Milan and Bergamo in 4 days

The trip to Milan and Bergamo in 4 days took us back to Italy, a country we return to whenever we can. Milan is considered the capital of fashion, just to visit its spectacular Duomo is already worth it. Bergamo is a city with a beautiful historic center in the upper area.

On this occasion we flew from Girona to Bergamo, where we arrived late at night and took a bus from the airline that took us directly to Milan, where we stayed the first two nights of our trip to Milan and Bergamo.
The first day we spent in Milan we met places like the Duomo, the Vittorio Emanuele Gallery, the Theater of the Scale, the Sforceso Castle, the Golden Quadrilateral ... and we enjoyed many hours of walks in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Italy.
On the second day in Milan we dedicate ourselves to getting lost in its streets, enjoying its fabulous gastronomy and continuing to know the city, visiting places such as the Brera area, the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie ...
The afternoon of this third day trip to Milan and Bergamo, we took a train that took us to Bergamo, where we spent the last night of our trip.
The fourth day we took the opportunity to visit this city, which fell in love as soon as we arrived and which is one of the great strangers and a perfect complement to the city of Milan in a getaway these days.

Travel guide to Milan and Bergamo in 4 days

Dates: From August 14, 2008 to August 17, 2008


Day 2: MILAN (Duomo, Vittorio Emanuele Gallery, Theater of the Scale, Sforceso Castle, Golden Quadrilateral)

Day 3: MILAN (Brera Zone, Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie…) - BERGAMO


Hotels in Milan and Bergamo

Andreola Central Hotel

4-star hotel near the train station in Milan. It is an old hotel but well renovated with a good and varied breakfast.

Make your reservation here: Andreola Central Hotel

Mercure Bergamo Palazzo Dolci

4 star hotel in Bergamo located near the train station, modern and clean, very attentive staff, spoke Spanish.

Make your reservation here: Mercure Bergamo Palazzo Dolci