Boat by Cinque Terre, Portovenere and La Spezia - Street Travelers - Travels - 2020

Boat by Cinque Terre, Portovenere and La Spezia


If the ride in boat by Cinque Terre It would have been round trip, it would be 25 euros per person.
We wanted to make this journey by boat a sunny day to enjoy the views of the Cinque Terre villages and the truth is that we could not have more luck. Today is the first day that dawns sunny since we arrived at Cinque Terre.
When we arrive in Portovenere we want to visit the town, so the idea is to leave the luggage there in a slogan and after visiting Portovenere we go to La Spezia, which is where we will stay today.
This trip to Cinque Terre is being a breath of fresh air at a very hectic month. It is definitely turning out a perfect balm.
At 10.30 in the morning our boat leaves from Monterosso to Portovenere, which will allow us to make a journey in boat by Cinque Terre and have a different perspective, full of color, of these wonderful villages that we have been lucky to meet.